GLOSS & GLOW Root Volume Hair Rollers 20mm (Mint Sherbet) 12pcs/box 韩国Gloss & Glow 发根蓬松卷发筒 20mm (薄荷果子露) 12枚入/盒


GLOSS & GLOW Root Volume Hair Rollers 20mm

It is easy to use with Velcro fabric with little damage to hair. The small size hair roll with a diameter of 20mm that is convenient to revitalize the root volume and easily creates small waves. 

  • Sutable for male hair
  • Fasten to your hair (with the best magic tape sticky)!
  • Perfect fixation of long hair and tufts of hair by adding two tongs! 

Include an additional configuration of 2 tongs helps to hold long hair and thick areas more securely.

Roll (12) : 64x20x20mm 2g

Tongs (2): 64x60x35mm 9.3g

How to Use

After shaping the hair well, divide the part where you want to curl it.  Roll the hair from the tip of the head to the scalp, and if you want a more perfect fixation, fix it with tongs.  After some time, gently loosen the hair water to complete the desired style.  (If heat treatment is performed with a hair dryer, the volume will last longer.) Do not use it for any other purpose than the specified purpose.  If the hair is tangled, do not pull too hard. 

韩国Gloss & Glow 发根蓬松卷发筒 20mm

使用魔术贴面料很容易,对头发的伤害很小。 直径20mm的小号发卷,方便振兴根部体积,轻松打造小波浪。

  • 适用于女和男性头发
  • 稳稳固定在头发上(用最好的魔术贴粘住)!
  • 通过添加两个夹子完美固定长发和一束头发!
  • 包括 2 个夹子的附加配置,有助于更牢固地固定长发和浓密区域。

卷 (12) : 64x20x20mm 2g

钳子 (2):64x60x35mm 9.3g


将头发造型好后,将要卷曲的部分分开。 将头发从头尖卷到头皮,如果想要更完美的固定,可以用夹子固定。 一段时间后,轻轻松开头发,即可完成所需的造型。 (如果用吹风机进行热处理,体积会持续更长时间。) 请勿将其用于指定用途以外的任何其他用途。 如果头发缠结,不要用力拉。


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