GLOSS & GLOW Hair Volume Clip (Black) 4pcs/box 韩国Gloss & Glow 头发卷夹 (黑色) 4枚入/盒


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GLOSS & GLOW Hair Volume Clip

Lightly clip the sagging part of the hair, bangs and the flat crown of the head, the volume will be restored. 

  • Easy for anyone, easy for beginners
  • Just pick it up with tongs to complete the volume line!  

Clip (4) : 30x32x108mm 13g

How to Use

Put the hair in the area that needs root volume (parietal, bangs, part, etc.) with tongs and pick it up.  Applying heat with a hair dryer is more effective. 

韩国Gloss & Glow 头发卷夹


  • 任何人都容易,初学者容易
  • 只需用钳子夹起来即可使头发蓬松起来!

夹子 (4) : 30x32x108mm 13g


用夹子将头发放在需要根部卷的区域(顶、刘海、部分等)并夹起来。 用吹风机加热更有效。


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