GLOSS & GLOW Jumbo Hair Rollers 40PHI 2pcs/box 韩国Gloss & Glow 大号蓬松卷发筒 2枚入/盒


GLOSS & GLOW Jumbo Hair Rollers 40PHI

Use a big-size hair roll to curl the entire bangs at once. Longer and thicker than normal hair rolls, thick waves can be easily styled.

  • Entire bangs at once with a giant-size hair roll! 105mm long large size hair roller. Style your bangs in one go! 
  • Gives natural waves to long, wavy hair! 40mm diameter thick hair roll. Curl your saggy bangs or long hair. Volume up with thick waves. It brings your hair to life naturally. Even thick waves are easy!
  • Easy quick styling without clips with magic tape fabric that holds hair! It quickly and easily completes the volume without clips.

Material: Nylon, PP

Standard Size: 40x40x105mm, 10.4g

Made in Korea

韩国Gloss & Glow 大 蓬松卷发筒

大号的卷发筒一次性把整个刘海卷起来。 比普通卷发更长更厚,可以轻松打造厚波浪造型。

  • 用超大号的卷发一下子把刘海全部卷起来! 105 毫米长的大型卷发器。 一次设计你的刘海! 
  • 为长长的波浪形头发带来自然波浪! 直径40mm厚的毛卷。 卷曲下垂的刘海或长发。 增加发质厚度。 它使您的头发自然地栩栩如生。 即使是厚波浪也很容易!
  • 无需夹子即可轻松快速造型,魔术贴面料可固定头发! 它无需 子即可快速轻松地增加发质厚度。





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