Gloss & Glow Quick Dry Roll Brush 韩国 Gloss & Glow 快干发猪鬃毛圓梳


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Gloss & Glow Quick Dry Roll Brush

The aluminum body with excellent thermal conductivity makes it easy to create natural curls such as C and S curls at home. Pig hair and different heights of nylon structure make your hair shiny.

  • Anyone can get styling done quickly and easily!
  • Efficient double stamping structure
    • Make your hair more shiny!
    • Easily make C curls and S curls at home!

      韩国 Gloss & Glow 快干发猪鬃毛圓梳 


      • 任何人都可以轻松快速完成造型!
      • 高效双戳发结构
      • 让你的头发更有光泽!
      • 在家轻松制作C卷曲和S卷曲!

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