Gloss & Glow Wooden Paddle Brush 韩国 Gloss & Glow 气囊按摩梳


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Gloss & Glow Wooden Paddle Brush

 A premium hair brush that can be used comfortably for a long time with a light and hard pine material that gently combs any hair, including long, short, and thick hair, without irritation or pulling on the scalp.

  • Simple and quick hair care with a wide brush!  With a wide head of 86 * 125mm, even with thick hair, combing it a few times makes it simple and quick to your perfect hair style.  
  • The rounded ends are treated with bristles, so you can gently comb your hair without damaging the scalp. Giving a scalp massage effect to help manage healthy hair without pulling it.
    • It is made of pine material that is light, hard and light in weight and has excellent durability, so it is comfortable and long-lasting without burden on the wrist. It can be used comfortably and for a long time without burden on the wrist. It conveys the atmosphere of light and hard pine material.

      韩国 Gloss & Glow 气囊按摩梳


      • 简单快速的宽头护发!  86*125mm的宽头,即使是浓密的头发,梳几下就搞定! 宽大梳头到橡胶垫和软球梳可帮助您轻轻打理剪湿发或缠结的头发,而不会拉扯它,密集的梳子和弹性垫
      • 可帮助您轻轻打理湿发或缠结的头发。 圆形末端经过刷毛处理,因此您可以轻柔地梳剪头发而不会损坏头皮,并且它具有头皮按摩效果,有助于在不拉扯头发的情况下管理健康的头发。
      • 采用松木材质,质轻、坚硬、重量轻,耐用性极佳,佩戴舒适持久,不给手腕带来负担,可以舒适长时间使用,不给手腕带来负担。它传达了轻而硬的松木材料的气氛。

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