GOODAL Green Tangerine White C Dark Spot Care Pad 70 Pads/Box 果达儿 維他命青橘化妝水棉片 70片/盒


GOODAL Green Tangerine White C Dark Spot Care Pad 

Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Care Pad contains 70 facial pads infused with a rich amount of vitamin C-rich tangerine extract. These facial pads gently lighten hyperpigmentation with a hypoallergenic formulation. They work to improve skin texture by removing dead skin cells while providing moisture with added hyaluronic acid. Suitable for daily use.

The updated product contains double the amount of tangerine extract compared to the previous version.

Goodal emphasizes the quality of the extract used in all its products. Tangerines are always harvested at the peak of their nutritional value. Goodal’s tangerine extract is obtained at 25℃ using air bubbles for 120 hours. This ensures that all the active ingredients from the fruit are extracted intact. Air bubble extraction is also more environmentally friendly as it requires less energy.


Swipe the smooth side of the facial pad across clean facial skin. Use the textured side of the pads to target areas such as the nose and forehead to remove impurities. Follow up with a facial moisturizer. Additionally, you can use the facial pads as mini masks on areas needing brightening. These pads can also be used for gentle exfoliation on the body.

*Made in Korea

果达儿 維他命青橘化妝水棉片

果达儿 維他命青橘化妝水棉片包含70片面部棉片,注入大量富含维生素 C 的橘子提取物。 采用低敏配方,可温和减轻色素沉着过度。 它们通过去除死皮细胞来改善皮肤纹理,同时添加透明质酸来提供水分。 适合日常使用。


Goodal 强调其所有产品中使用的提取物的质量。 橘子总是在营养价值最高的时候采收。 古达尔橘提取物是在25℃下使用气泡120小时获得的。 这确保了从水果中完整提取所有活性成分。 气泡提取也更环保,因为它需要更少的能源。


将面部垫的光滑面擦拭干净的面部皮肤。 使用垫的纹理面清洁鼻子和前额等区域,以去除杂质。 随后使用面部保湿霜。 此外,您还可以将面部垫用作迷你面膜,用于需要提亮的区域。 这些垫还可用于温和地去除身体角质。



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