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Gudetama Mug 三丽鸥 蛋黄哥马克杯


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Gudetama Mug

Tableware that can be used daily and makes you feel good
A simple design that casually shows off its cuteness
Comes in a cute box that makes it perfect as a gift 
  • Can be used in the microwave, dishwasher, and dryer
  • Due to the product characteristics of ceramics, there may be traces or unevenness of the glaze (top coating).
Size: Approximately width 11.2 x depth 8.2 x height 8.3cm
Capacity: 260mL
Material: Ceramics
*Made in China
三丽鸥 蛋黄哥马克杯

  • 可用于微波炉、洗碗机和烘干机
  • 由于陶瓷的产品特性,釉面(面漆)可能存在痕迹或不均匀。
尺寸:大约宽11.2 x 深8.2 x 高8.3cm


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