HABA 2018 Holiday Skincare Set - Limited Edition


2018 Holiday Set Contents:

SQUALANE OIL MASK (Single sheet) x 2pcs
SQUALANE II 15mL x 1pc
Original Pouch x 1pc (W195 x D70 x H150mm)

HABA Squalane Oil Mask (Single Sheet) x 2:

1. The sheet mask contains HABA’s SQUALANE. It softens the hard, rough skin caused by the deterioration in the skin’s metabolism that comes with aging. A beauty mask saturated with rich squalane oil provides luster to the skin, eliminating a dull complexion caused by dryness.
2. The squalane, with which the mask is richly saturated, is absorbed effortlessly throughout the stratum corneum without causing a greasy feel to the skin.
3. Squalane softens the skin, and its vehicle effect helps moisturizing ingredients, such as ceramide and camellia japonica flower extract, remain in the skin for a long time.
4. Contains vitamin C derivatives.
5. Squalane strengthens the skin’s barrier function to protect the skin against irritations, such as daytime UV rays, dryness, and dirty air.


1.HABA’s original squalane oil formulated with plant. 
2.The plant-derived squalane provides a smooth and light feel on your skin.
3.The function of squalane contained in this new product is the same as that of the SQUALANE (shark liver-derived squalane).
4.Excellent in skin permeability, squalane is colorless, odorless, harmless, and gentle on the skin.
5.Exfoliating action: Softens skin by preventing hardening of keratin, and metabolizes dead cells smoothly.
6. Skin respiration stimulant action: Stimulates skin respiration to activate metabolism.
7.Assimilation effect: Assimilates into sebum in the epidermis. The skin's natural ability also helps squalane spontaneously emulsify the moisture provided to the skin.
8. Vehicle effect: Helps other products used together (toner, etc.) penetrate deep into the skin, much like a vehicle transports luggage. Softening effect: Makes skin thinner and softener. It is considered a natural skin softener.
9.With great resistance to high temperature, this oil will not easily oxidize or change in quality.

HABA SQUALANE Facial Soap 100g x 1:

1.A face soap containing high percentage of Squalane, gentle to skin. Extra fine lather absorbs dirt on skin to wash away, leaving skin moisturized.
2.Moisture level is satisfactory by the moisturizing ingredients contained in this soap even in dry winter time. Skin is softened after wash.
3.The formula is suitable for the skin having a hot flash and roughness caused by dryness.
4.The ingredients against skin roughness and inflammatory are contained to condition skin.
5.Severely selected soap base is also safe to skin, allowing the gentle face washing.

HABA SQUALANE Body Milk 100g x 1:

1.Squalane-formulated body milk thoroughly hydrates the whole body, enhancing the skin’s resilience.
2.Its smooth texture never becomes greasy, while its long-lasting hydration effect protects the whole body from wintry-dry conditions.
3.The moisturizing ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, ceramide (Rice bran sphingoglycolipid), Vitamin E (Tocopherol), and camellia japonica flower extract promote the skin’s resilience and youthfulness.
4.The natural essential oils of orange, bitter orange, lemon, lime, ylang-ylang, litsea cubeba, gypsophila (juniperus mexicana oil), coriander, basil and vetiver are combined together to yield an aromatic fragrance that caresses and relaxes your mind.

HABA SQUALANE Eye Serum 15g x 1:

1.It works on wrinkles, slackness and dullness around eyelids, under eyes and around the outer corner of the eyes. It provides moisture and firmness to the skin, restoring a youthful look to your eyes.
2.Eye concentrate serum intensely hydrates and revitalizes the eye contour. Formulated with ingredients essential to an intensive eye serum. It works on wrinkles, slackness and dullness around eyelids, under eyes and around the outer corner of the eyes. It provides moisture and firmness to the skin, restoring a youthful look to your eyes.
3. Formulated with squalane, collagen, elastin, placenta, yeast extract, and Vitamin P. It thoroughly hydrates the area around the eyes where skin is thin and prone to dryness while preventing damage to the skin.
4.The thick gel slowly penetrates the skin without leaving it greasy, instead providing a premium feel.

HABA Original Pouch x 1:

1.Sophisticated, premium color and materials. Simple yet stylish form. This original pouch is super user-friendly.
2.The pouch’s wide opening helps you find and retrieve makeup items with ease. 
3.Pouch features large and small elastic pockets inside on either side. The large pocket is convenient for storing pencils. Eyeshadow and cheek makeup cases along with lipsticks can be stored in a vertical position in the small pocket.


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