HABA Airy & Glossy Hair Mist Lavender 120ml 鯊烯改善毛躁防静电修护保湿护发喷雾

HABA's Hair Fresh Mist is made with squalane and natural lavender to give the scalp and hair a refreshing and clean feeling while preventing static buildup. A refreshing hair lotion with squalane to leave the hair shiny and gives hair moisture and reduces the appearance of mild hair damage. Smoothens the surface of the hair to prevent static electricity and make it easier to comb and contain lavender oil for a light and refreshing scent. Can be applied to both dry hair and wet hair after shampoo and cleansing.
Can be used on both dry hair and wet hair after shampooing. Shake bottle well, lightly spray from a distance of 10 ¨C 15 cm over all the hair. Recommended to use on clean hair. Select your preferred hairstyle using a brush or comb.

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