HABA Jelly Mask (17G X 5PCS) 2 Boxes 无添加主义 日本HABA晒后修复啫喱面膜 两盒


Only 2 pieces in stock!

Cheek sheet mask is infused with cool jelly-textured serum. Once the mask is placed over the cheeks, the beauty ingredients are slowly absorbed, providing gentle care for sun-damaged skin.

A cool jelly feel and rose fruit extract tighten pores on the cheeks to make the skin surface smooth.

*Two sheet masks (for right and left cheek) in a pouch



*Wash face thoroughly before using.

*The sheet masks are saturated with an abundance of serum. Open sheets slowly so that the serum does not drip from the pouch.  

(1) Open the pouch and pull out the sheets, which are folded in half.Unfold the sheets. (The Jelly Mask is sandwiched between two sheets.)

(2) Remove the Jelly Mask from the sheets.

(3) Place two pieces of Jelly Mask on each cheek so that the smooth surface of the masks is facing outward. Lightly press the masks to stick them to the skin using the palms of the hands.

(4) Leave on for about 20 minutes and then remove. Wrap around the face with both palms to press remaining fluid into the skin.


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