HABA Micro Force Cleansing 240/120ml 无添加主义鲨烷水净卸妆液


HABA Micro Force Cleansing is a liquid cleanser containing micro-sized squalane wrapped in water.  

It thoroughly removes makeup and oils, leaving the skin feeling fresh.  

A new type of functional cleanser that is effective and gentle to the skin.


HABA has used original technology to successfully wrap micro-sized squalane in water.  This innovation gives HABA Micro Force Cleansing the best features of both oil-based and water-based cleansers.

Micro-size squalane pearls blend well with makeup and oils to thoroughly remove dirt while leaving the skin with necessary moisture and nutrition.

This liquid cleanser’s main ingredient is water, and it may be quickly and effectively rinsed off the skin with water.

This product is recommended for those who do not like oil based cleansers. It will cleanse without making the skin feel dry or tight after use.

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