HABA Moisture Essence Gel 50g 保湿滋润精华啫喱面霜

  • Made in Japan

Relaunch due to popular sales every winter. This is a long-lasting moisturizing gel (Protection item) suitable in dry season.

1.The gel containing Squalane at high % spreads out smoothly to fit on skin. Keeps moisture well without sticky feel.

2.Together with Squalane, it contains Platinum nano-colloid, which prevents skin damage, Trehalose of high moisturizing quality and several extracts of Chinese herbs like Lithospermum Officinale Root Extract, known as the fighter against aging. The gel leads to a beautiful skin, preventing skin damage.

HOW TO: After toner application, take an appropriate amount on spatula to spread over skin face, as a protection item. For dried areas, please apply repeatedly.


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