HABA Squalane 120ml/60ml/30ml 无添加主义鲨烷精纯美容油 COSME大赏受赏


HABA Squalane represents HABA’s “non-additive” philosophy.  

It is a dry and smooth beauty oil that is gentle to skin.

Protects and replenishes skin damaged by dryness, irritation, and UV exposure.

Squalane is a natural, safe, stable, colorless and odorless oil with superior skin-penetrating power.

Epidermal Renewal Function: Prevents dead skin cells from hardening, softens skin, and allows dead skin to be removed smoothly.

Skin Respiration Function: Promotes cutaneous respiration to activate skin metabolism

Sebum Emulsifying Function: Blends with sebum on skin surface and can be rinsed with water to naturally cleanse the skin.

Vehicle Effect: Squalane helps ingredients in other products (e.g., HABA G-Lotion) to better penetrate the skin.

Softening Effect: Naturally softens skin and makes it supple.

Stable and Hardy: Does not break down, deteriorate, or oxidize, even under high temperatures

SQUALANE is the only oil that remains liquid while saturated (e.g. vegetable oil becomes margarine when saturated; animal oils become lard when saturated; other common oils solidify when saturated).


When skin is still wet after applying enough toner, take one (or a few) drops on palm and blends on palms. Then gently apply to entire face evenly, as if you wrap your face by both hands.

In 3-5 minutes : you can feel your skin duly moisturized.

In case you feel greasy or sticky during the daytime, it’s a sign of “too much oil” for your skin. Please decrease the volume to apply. In case you feel tight or rough, please increase as it’s a sign of oil shortage.

Adjust the volume according to your skin status.

Please adjust the usage volume by season, skin type and age.

Body Care

After shower or bath, wipe your body just lightly with towel and apply a thin layer of Squalane. The key is to blend Squalane and water drops still left on skin for moisturized afterfeel. Squalane’s skin softener effect works well on elbows, knees and heels. If applied after bath, it’s effective and those parts become so smooth.

Hair Care

AIf you have brittle hair, after shampooing, drip Squalene (a few drops) in washbowl filled with warm water and apply that water to your hair. It makes hair smooth and manageable. When you brush hair, apply a little Squalane to hair ends in advance. It reduces friction, so cut hair and spilt ends will be reduced. It’s also good to protect hair from hair dryer’s heat. Before drying hair, apply a little Squalane to hair or just do above.

Special Mask by Squalane

(We recommend to use 2-Way Gel for mask. But when your skin has become sensitive, you originally have a sensitive skin, or you do not like 2-Way Gel’s thermal effect, this Squalane mask is recommended.)

  • Pore Cleansing
    Under the steam of bath room, you can refresh your skin by Squalane mask.
    Prepare a face-sized cellophane, making holes for eyes, mouth and nose on it. After you clean face by face-wash, apply a layer of Squalane and wrap face with the cellophane and soak your body in a bathtub to warm yourself. Wait for 5-10 minutes to sweat. Then, take off the cellophane and wash away the sweat and dirt on face, together with oil left on skin.
  • For Skin Dryness in Winter
    f you have a concern about dryness, not easily relieved by repeated application of toner everyday, try the mask above .After it, apply toner abundantly.
    By Squalane mask, skin has become softened, enabling to accept toner effectively, while the penetration ability is enhanced as skin has been warmed. You feel better penetration of toner actually by yourself. Finish with Squalane, as always.

Other Purposes

For insect bite : Apply immediately. It relieves itch and swelling.

Acne/ Pimples : If pimple is not reddened, apply Squalane on it. Recommended to do it after bath/shower, after hot-towel mask on face to enlarge pores and wipe off any impurities.

After shaving of men

Baby’s diaper rash : At the finish of taking bath, mix 1-2 drops of Squalane in warm

water and wash softly the concerned parts with it.

As Squalane is safe, you can use it for baby’s troubles.

SQUALANE is the versatile oil, can be used for both face and body, from baby to elders, man and woman.






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