HABA Squalane II 60/30/15ML 无添加主义第二代植物鲨烷精纯美容油 COSME大赏受赏


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1. HABA’s original squalane oil formulated with plant.

2.  The plant-derived squalane provides a smooth and light feel on your skin.

3.  The function of squalane contained in this new product is the same as that of the SQUALANE (shark liver-derived squalane).

・  Excellent in skin permeability, squalane is colorless, odorless, harmless, and gentle on the skin.

・  Exfoliating action: Softens skin by preventing hardening of keratin, and metabolizes dead cells smoothly.

・  Skin respiration stimulant action: Stimulates skin respiration to activate metabolism.

・  Assimilation effect: Assimilates into sebum in the epidermis. The skin's natural ability also helps squalane spontaneously emulsify the moisture provided to the skin.

・  Vehicle effect: Helps other products used together (toner, etc.) penetrate deep into the skin, much like a vehicle transports luggage. Softening effect: Makes skin thinner and softener. It is considered a natural skin softener.

・  With great resistance to high temperature, this oil will not easily oxidize or change in quality.


・ While face and hands are still wet with toner moisture, take one drop in the palm of your hand. 
Spread over the palms of your hands and smooth it over the entire face by wrapping both hands around your face for five seconds.

・  Your face will feel moisturized in two to three minutes. If your face feels too wet, it means too much SQUALANE has been applied. 
If your face feels stiff or dry, you need to apply more SQUALANE. Adjust the amount depending on your skin condition.

・ The amount to be used should be adjusted according to the season, and your skin type and age.




















Face washing/Cleansing  ==>  







Moisturizing (toner)  ==>  










・ Suggested amount to be used: 
One to a few drops (Use one drop if you use SQUALANE for the first time). Adjust the amount depending on your skin condition. 

<Various ways to use SQUALANE> 
・ Body care 
1 After bathing, apply a thin layer of SQUALANE over your towel-dried body. 
2 The softening effect of SQUALANE leaves your elbows, knees, and heels feeling smooth and moisturized. 
It is more effective when applied directly after bathing. 

・  Hair care 
1 For dry, unmanageable hair, add a small amount of SQUALANE into a basin of warm water 
and pour the water over shampooed hair to moisturize and tame the hair. 
2 Rub a small amount of SQUALANE into the hair tips before brushing. 
3 SQUALANE is also recommended for protecting hair against damage caused by your hair dryer. Lightly apply over wet hair before blow-drying. 

・ As facial pack 
Although 2-WAY GEL is usually more suitable for a facial pack, 
SQUALANE may be a good alternative for those with sensitive skin or skin that does not tolerate a thermal pack well. 

1 Thorough cleansing of pores 
Refresh your skin using steam in the bathroom. Make a facial mask out of a plastic wrap. Cut out holes in the wrap for the eyes, mouth and nose. 
Apply SQUALANE over your cleansed face and then place the plastic wrap over your face. Soak yourself in a tub with the wrap on your face. 
After about five to ten minutes, as you start sweating, remove the wrap, and wash the sweat, dirt and oil off your face. 

2 For dry skin during the winter season 
No matter how often you apply toner, you may feel your skin is not moisturized enough during winter months. 
If you have this experience, try the method described in (1) above, and then after bathing repeat applications of toner. 
You will feel the hydration in your skin, which will be ready to receive the toner moisture. 
You will also feel your skin warming and experience the smooth absorption of the toner. 
To complete your skin care, apply SQUALANE again to provide further protection. 

・  Other applications 
○ For acne, if it is not red and swollen, apply a small amount directly onto the affected area. 
○ It is more effective to apply SQUALANE after placing a steamed towel over the skin to open pores while bathing. 
○ Also recommended for use after shaving. 
○ For treatment of diaper rash: After bathing, pour warm water mixed with one or two drops of SQUALANE over your baby's body. 
It is gentle on the skin and safe to use for diaper rash. 
○ For facial and all-over-body skin care, and safe for use by the whole family.


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