Hacci 1912 Cleansing Milk 190ml


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A cleansing milk with a high skin care effect like washing with a beauty essence and a mesmerizing texture.

Wraps tired skin softly and removes makeup comfortably.
It also adds beauty ingredients that approach summer dullness and conspicuous pores, and prepares the skin like a clean canvas.

More than 85% is a beauty essence ingredient that moisturizes and comfortably moisturizes the skin after cleansing.

With natural vitamin E (tocopherol) and argan oil, your skin will be fresh and soft.
Kiwi extract is expected to have the function of focusing on retained melanin and effectively discharging it.

Along with make-up, melanin is also turned off for clear and transparent skin.
It has an excellent astringent effect, suppresses the secretion of sebum, closes pores, and prevents acne.

An elegant rose scent with a fresh green accent.

Contents: 190mL

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