HACCI Honey Cleansing Oil 150ml 纯天然蜂蜜卸妆油


HACCI 1912 Honey Oil Cleansing is a Japanese cleansing oil featuring honey with 95% plant-derived ingredients.

The additive-free makeup remover gently glide over skin without dripping to dissolve foundation and other makeup from the skin while soothing and moisturising skin. It contains HACCI 1912’s famed honey which can whitening skin due to its high vitamin C content and prevent moisture loss while treating and preventing pimples by killing acne-causing bacteria. It fragrance is formulated with a blend of natural fragrance oils including orange, grapefruit, cedarwood, and cypress.

How to Use

Upon first use, pump several times until cleansing oil comes out. Pump a small amount of the Cleansing Oil onto your palms, spread it over your face with the oil, and then rinse it off with water or lukewarm water. Please do not wet hands or face with water before use, if the oil comes into contact with water, it loses its ability to completely remove dirt.


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