Hacci Honey Collagen 2023 ver. 30ml*10 Bottles/Box 花绮 蜂蜜胶原蛋白口服液 2023新版本 30ml*10瓶装


 Hacci Honey Collagen 2023 ver. 

HACCI, a beauty energy drink that supports beauty and health with royal jelly and collagen, is not just about beauty on the surface, but the beauty that shines from the inside. Beauty comes true only when there is good health. When circulation improves and troubles don't succumb, the brilliance overflows from the inside, leading to a bouncy day. Inner care is an important care to circulate beauty energy.
Because I want you to feel beautiful for a long time. We will deliver it packed in a box containing 10 pieces that can be stored in the refrigerator as it is.

1. High-quality royal jelly and honey from our own apiary A luxurious blend of royal jelly and honey, which have been prized since ancient times and have been called the elixir of longevity and rejuvenation. We have carefully selected only high-quality products collected from our own apiary.

2. Highly absorbable fish collagen 5000mg Contains 5000mg of high-quality collagen extracted from the epidermis of high-quality natural saltwater fish from the Arctic Ocean with the cooperation of Dr. Collagen, who has been researching collagen for 30 years. It is characterized by no odor and a high absorption rate using high refining technology.

3. Blend beauty ingredients in the best balance. Supports self-beautifying power
Hakkoda mountain bear bamboo extract, cat's claw extract (AC-11) native to the Amazon rainforest, olive fruit polyphenol, yeast extract, biotin, ceramide, hyaluronic acid, milk oligosaccharide, dietary fiber, and other beauty ingredients that provide total care for beauty and health are selected and blended in a well-balanced manner.

How to use: Take one bottle every night before going to bed

*Made in Japan


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