Hacci Honey Sheet Mask 6 Pcs/box 蜂王浆保湿精华面膜


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This is a sheet mask born from a concept unique to Madame HACCI that runs around the world. In addition to honey, royal jelly extract and hydrolyzed collagen are concentrated. While moisturizing the skin softly, it also prevents dryness and prepares finely. It consist of Ogon root extract, which gives the skin firmness, and peony root extract, which brings a sense of transparency. It has three layers of gentle microfiber and rayon per skin that contains plenty of 32ml of essence, and plenty of honey moisture. A mask that is separated from the top and bottom lifts the face line and lifts it up. It will give you a firm and shiny skin. 

How to use
  • Remove the lower mask from the bag and gently spread it.
  • Align the mouth and put it on the face, and gently pull it up along the face line.
  • Remove the upper mask from the bag and gently spread it. Place your eyes on the face and fit it perfectly.
  • Make sure the mask is in close contact with the entire face.
  • After about 10 minutes, remove the mask and gently apply the liquid remaining on the skin surface with your hand.
  • After washing your face, please use after applying skin lotion.
  • Because it contains plenty of serum, drops may fall off when removing the mask from the bag.
  • Be careful not to get the liquid on your clothes.

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