HACCI X HK Xmas Special Assortment 花绮HACCIx凯蒂猫 圣诞特别精选


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HACCI X HK Xmas Special Assortment

This is a limited-edition Christmas set that is only available online and includes a special collaboration with HK Hand Cream and newly released chocolates.

◆Set composition◆

① <HK x HACCI> Hand Cream Mademoiselle 25g 
A hand cream that not only moisturizes but also provides daily UV protection.
Limited edition Hello Kitty special collaboration design.

②Diamond Chocolate
A grain of chocolate that allows you to enjoy the fruity taste of orange peel.

③ Almond Chocolat (Almond)
Candy coated bittersweet almonds are wrapped in rich Belgian chocolate and honey, and finished with soft cocoa powder. You can fully enjoy the crunchy texture and chocolate flavor.

④Xmas limited box
size (cm): Approx. diameter 17 x height 8.5

It is perfect as a holiday gift for your loved ones as well as a reward for yourself who worked hard all year.

*Made in Japan

花绮HACCIx凯蒂猫 圣诞特别精选



① <凯蒂猫x HACCI> Mademoiselle 护手霜 25g
限量版 凯蒂猫特别合作设计。


③ 杏仁巧克力(Almond)

尺寸(厘米):约直径17 x 高8.5




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