Haku Melanoshield Whitening Mask (1PC)


A skin-whitening sheet mask that adheres snugly to every contour of the face. Made to focus on controlling and removing excess melanin from the skin. It provides immediate, intensive care to areas that tend to develop age spots, giving you a refreshed, luminous, soft complexion. It is divided into 2 parts for the upper and lower halves of the face, allowing it to fit better. Its whitening action helps control the production of melanin and prevent the formation of age spots and freckles.

30ml x 1 mask (contains 2 pcs, one for each half of the face)

- Made in Japan
- Quasi-drug
- Fragrance-free

How to Use
- Use after toner.
- Open the package with dry hands and take out one mask at a time. First apply mask 1
(upper), then apply mask 2 (lower).
- Take out mask 1 (upper) and unfold it. Position the holes around the eyes before
spreading the mask over the forehead. Let the mask adhere to the skin.
- Take out mask 2 (lower) and unfold it. Hold both sides from the top. Position the hole around the mouth and let the mask adhere to the skin toward the temples by spreading it along the face line and the sides of the nostrils.
- Leave on for 10 minutes, then remove the mask and smooth in the remaining beauty serum.


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