Liv Heart

Heart Nemu Nemu Animals Hair Drying Towel (Duck) 日本 Liv Heart 疗愈动物干发巾 (鸭子)


Liv Heart Nemu Nemu Animals Hair Hair Drying Towel

Quick-drying towel that absorbs about 5 times as much water than cotton. Perfect size towel for both long and short hair. 
  • Cute and sleepy animal design
  • Soft and gentle on the skin
  • 40 x 100 cm


Use to dry your hair or uses when washing your face or holding your hair together for keepig hair away from your face. 

日本 Liv Heart 疗愈动物干发巾

速干毛巾的吸水力是棉花的约5倍。 尺寸适中的毛巾,无论长发或短发都很适合。

  • 困困的可爱动物设计
  • 柔软温和
  • 40x 100厘米

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