Helena Rubinstein 赫莲娜

Helena Rubinstein Powercell 24H Eye Care 赫莲娜 绿宝瓶亮采精灵眼部精华乳 15ml


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Helena Rubinstein Powercell 24H Eye Care

The extremely thin skin around the eyes requires a revitalising, decongestant skincare product able to correct dark circles, puffiness and pigmentation issues caused by fatigue.
The HELENA RUBINSTEIN laboratories have developed a new, customised arm to continuously reinforce the eye contour during the day and night: POWERCELL 24H EYE CARE, a highlighter and concealer fluid for the eye area.
Enriched in native botanical cells, it reinforces the skin and reduces dark circles. The Light Complex (illuminating pigments) instantly brightens the eye contour, visibly reducing the signs of ageing.
RESULTS: Day after day, the eyes are enlivened and puffiness is diminished. The eye contour is smooth and appears lifted.


The "cooling effect" applicator tip fosters application of the refreshing fluid texture. It smooths, stimulates and revitalises the eye contour, fostering the reduction of puffiness.


- Native botanical cells: reinforce the skin and reduce dark circles
- Light Complex: illuminates the eye contour


  • Brightens the eye area

  • Corrects puffy, dark circles

  • Enlivens the eyes


  • Puffiness and dark circles

  • Marks of fatigue

  • Fine lines


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