HERTZ Makeup Removal Cotton Wipes (73PC) 赫兹布 加水就能卸妆

$8 $14.99

Hertz Cotton Wipes
Hertz cloth itself is a makeup remover, not a cotton pad. 
Take out a dry Hertz cloth, add water (warm water / lotion), wipe the face to remove makeup]
Suitable for all skin types, eyes and lips can be used with confidence. Pregnant women can also use ♡

  • Made in Taiwan, raw materials are simple
  • Dry Hertz cloth contains no moisture, reduce the amount of antibacterial agent and preservative, and the product is stable and not easy to deteriorate.
  •  Hertz cloth skin-sensitive, no fragrance, no alcohol, no oil, no stimulation
  • good stretchability, cotton lint does not fall off


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