The History of Whoo

THE HISTORY OF WHOO - Gongjinhyang:Mi Eye Cream Brown Pencil #01 Gray 后 共振享美粉黛眉笔 #01灰色 1g


HISTORY of WHOO Gongjinhyang:Mi Eye Cream Brown Pencil

A combination of makeup and nourishment, containing a variety of skin care ingredients, which can beautify the eyebrows at the same time. Depicts natural brow shape, long-lasting and not easy to fade, deduces natural brow color.

How to Use

With the tip of the eyebrow pencil pointing upward, accurately outline the eyebrow line, draw a natural eyebrow shape, and fill in the sparse part of the eyebrow. Then, use the brow brush to create a natural-looking, well-shaded brow look.

后 共振享美粉黛眉笔



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