Holika Holika

Holika Holika baby Silky Foot Mask Sheet 1pair 嬰兒嫩滑保湿足膜

Holika Holika Baby Silky Foot Mask Sheet - foot socks mask. Exfoliates dead cells, softens and moisturizes the skin, fights against corns, calluses and cracks. With regular use, it becomes an alternative to salon pedicure.

Gloves containing essence enriched with shea butter, avocado oil, milk protein extract and papaya extract help moisturize and smoothen rough hands, leaving them silky soft. Separate the gloves and put them on for 15-20 minutes.

BrandHolika Holika
Body part: Foot
Key ingredient: Honey, Avocado, Salicylic Acid
Feature: Sheet, Exfoliating, Set

  • The main component of sock impregnation is salicylic acid. It gently exfoliates dead cells, is used to treat calluses and accelerates skin regeneration. The acid has an antibacterial effect and normalizes the work of sweat glands - after using the mask, the legs will sweat less.
  • Papaya extract soothes the skin, has anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects. Papaya smoothes the microrelief, softens corns and removes age spots.
  • Milk proteins “trigger” the epidermis renewal process, make the skin supple and velvety. Proteins contain lysozyme - an enzyme that fights bacteria, and lactoperoxidase - an enzyme that has an antimicrobial effect.

Release form
  • The mask (2 socks) is packed in a plastic purple bag that can be opened without scissors. On the reverse side there is an instruction for use in pictures. Socks are welded together, they need to be divided along a perforated line.
  • The composition, which is saturated with socks from the inside, smells pleasant: the smell is felt during the procedure and lasts several hours after its completion.

How to use?
  • Steam your feet in hot water, wipe them dry.
  • Open the mask bag, separate and put on the socks.
  • Wear cotton socks over the mask.
  • Wait 20 minutes (optional, you can go about your business), remove the socks.
  • If the composition is not fully absorbed, massage the remaining liquid with massage movements.
  • Use the mask once 2-4 times a month, as needed.
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