HOMEI Weekly Gel Nail Polish NE 9ml [13 Types] 日本Homei Weekly 可剥式凝胶指甲油 NE系列 【多色选择】


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HOMEI Weekly Gel Nail Polish NE

Apply like regular nail polish and just peel it off when done. Easy to follow steps, even for first time users.

7days wear.

  • A gel nail with a single base + color + top
  • When you turn it off, just peel off!

How to use:

  • To prevent sedimentation of contents, shake it gently so as to roll various gels, mix well with a brush before use.
  • Fill the weakly gel series without sanding, harden with UV light or LED light to complete.
  • Paint twice with your liking.
  • When peeling, take gel of cinnabar with toes and gently remove it towards your fingertips.
  • Curing time: UV light about 120 seconds (36W), LED light about 60 seconds (6W).
  • Curing time is a standard.
  • It depends on the equipment used.
  • Test with one finger and use.
  • UV wavelength / LED cured at 350 to 400 nm wavelength.
  • Understand that there are individual differences in nail stickiness.

日本Homei Weekly 可剥式凝胶指甲油

Homei Weekly Gel可剥式凝胶指甲油能够达到光撩等级的效果,使用方式与一般指彩无异,却拥有30秒快干且无刺鼻溶剂味的特性,最特别的是可以一秒剥除!轻轻一撕即可卸除,能够每天随着穿搭做变化,在家里就能轻松打造美丽光撩。

1.轻晃瓶身,涂上薄薄一层。指甲表面如果不干净,附有灰尘、油脂等杂物的话,就会影响涂凝胶指甲油的效果,建议在涂之前将甲面用#HOMEI Nail Cleanser指甲清洁液擦过,让美丽更持久。
2.使用LED/UV凝胶灯照射,照射时间HOMEI Gel Light凝胶灯约需30秒(预热60秒起),UV灯约需120秒 。


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