&HONEY Body & Hair Oil Capsule 750mg x 21 capsules 日本&Honey 蜂蜜精油胶囊 750mg x 21颗


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&honey Body & Hair Oil Capsule(アンドハニー Body & Hair オイルカプセル)公式サイト |  ハチミツ美容カプセル型全身オイル

&Honey Body & Hair Oil Capsule

  • A capsule-type beauty oil for the whole body of a water-retaining organic beauty hair care brand that focuses on hair with a moisture content of 14%.
  • Convenient to carry with a concentrated honey moisturizing capsule containing honey.
  • All-in-one (space) 6 functions: As damage oil, scalp massage oil, styling oil, hand and nail care oil, body moisturizing care oil, UV care

How to use

Hold the capsule lightly and cut the tip with scissors or thread it with your fingers, apply oil to the palm, and apply it to the center of the hair.
It can also be used on hands and skin.


日本&Honey 蜂蜜精油胶囊


  • 厚厚的蜂蜜保湿胶囊,方便携带。
  • 6大功能:可作为损伤油、头皮按摩油、造型油、手部及指甲护理油、身体保湿护理油、紫外线护理。


  • 轻轻握住胶囊,用剪刀剪掉尖端或用手指捻断,然后将油倒入掌心,主要涂抹在发梢。
  • 可用于手和皮肤等。

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