&HONEY Fleur Mimosa Moist Treatment 日本&HONEY 蕨类系列含羞草蜂蜜修护保湿护发素 450g


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&HONEY Fleur Mimosa Moist Treatment

Focusing on the moisture content of 14% of the hair, hair treatment of "Fragrant Honey Beauty" cares for the odor of your hair and scalp.
140% lasting fragrance and the most fragrant in the history of the series. Adopted a unique structure.

Relax your hair and mind with the fragrant fragrant fern and mimosa.
More than 90% of the product is made up of moisturizing and fragrant ingredients such as honey and highly penetrating hyaluronic acid , and the scent from the scalp to the ends of the hair makes the hair soft and fluffy.
Additive-free prescription.

How to Use

After shampoo, take an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand, should be applied to the entire hair.
Please then rinse.

*Made in Japan

    日本&HONEY 蕨类系列含羞草蜂蜜修护保湿护发素

    140%留香,系列史上最香。 采用了独特的结构。






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