&Honey Skin Care Cleansing Oil 日本&Honey 蜂蜜美容卸妆油 180ml


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&HONEY Skin Care Cleansing Oil

It is a cleansing oil that contains more than 90% of the product's moisturizing and skin-conditioning ingredients such as honey, argan oil, and organic hyaluronic acid. Contains honey EX clean ingredients.

Free of artificial colors, parabens, alcohol, and animal experiments. Sweet honey scent.

How To Use

Take an appropriate amount and gently message over makeup. Then rinse with water or lukewarm water.

日本&Honey 蜂蜜美容卸妆油

它是一款卸妆油,含有90%以上的蜂蜜、摩洛哥坚果油、有机透明质酸等产品保湿调理成分。 含有蜂蜜EX清洁成分。

不含人造色素、对羟基苯甲酸酯、酒精和动物实验。 甜蜜的蜂蜜气味。


取适量并轻轻涂抹在妆容上。 然后用水或温水冲洗干净。


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