HONEYQUE Deep Repair Honey Protein Hair Oil (Sleek) 日本HONEYQUE 蜂蜜深层修护护发油 光滑柔順款 100ml


HONEYQUE Deep Repair Honey Protein Hair Oil

A new concept custom hair oil that can be mixed with treatments. Penetrates and repairs the balance of moisture and oil in the hair, suppressing stiffness and dryness. With a light finish, it is a smooth type that is recommended for oil beginners. When the damage is severe, or when it's just not enough, just push honey hair oil for treatment. It suppresses dry hair due to lack of moisture, stiffening and spreading due to repeated damage, and achieves shiny and silky honey hair. It can also be used on dry or wet hair as a regular hair oil. 

Scented with aqua blossom honey.

How To 2Way:

1. When mixing

Mix an appropriate amount of Honeyee Deep Repair Hair Treatment Moist and apply to hair, then rinse thoroughly. (Approximate amount: 1-2 pushes of hair treatment to 1 push of hair oil).

2. For single use.

Apply an appropriate amount to the entire hair. Can be used on wet or dry hair.

*Made in Japan

日本HONEYQUE 蜂蜜深层修护护发油

渗透并修复头发的水油平衡,抑制头发僵硬和干燥。 质地轻盈,推荐给刚开始用精油初学者的顺滑类型。 当损伤严重的时候,或不够滋润的时候,就用蜂蜜发油来治疗吧。 抑制头发因缺乏水分而干燥、因反复损伤而僵硬、发散,打造光泽丝滑的蜜色头发。 它也可以作为普通发油用于干发或湿发。



1. 混合

混合适量 Honeyee 蜂蜜深层修护护发素 涂抹于头发上,然后彻底冲洗。 (大约用量:1-2 次护发素加 1 次发油)。

2. 一次性使用。

取适量涂抹于整个头发。 可用于湿发或干发。



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