HONEYQUE Honey Deep Repair Hair Shampoo Moist 日本HONEYQUE 蜂蜜深层修护洗发水 450mL


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HONEYQUE Honey Deep Repair Hair Shampoo Moist 

Honey protein formula treatment for honey-like hair straight to the ends. Contains 3 carefully selected ingredients cultivated from the core of the hair, such as organic manuka honey that improves the moisture retention capacity inside the hair, and 3 types of protein that repair hair intensively from the core. This shampoo has a fine and rich foam that cleans the dirt behind the pores of the scalp while fully moisturizing the scalp. It provides comprehensive care for hair damage, inhibits swelling, spread and dryness, and keeps hair moisturized from root to end. Scented with splashed honey.

After wetting hair thoroughly, apply an appropriate amount to entire hair and lather. Then rinse thoroughly. It is recommended that you lather up your hair and wait a while before rinsing.

日本HONEYQUE 蜂蜜深层修护洗发水




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