HONEYQUE Honey Deep Repair Hair Treatment Moist 日本HONEYQUE 蜂蜜深层修护护发素 450mL


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HONEYQUE Honey Deep Repair Hair Treatment Moist 

Honey protein formula treatment for honey-like hair straight to the ends. Contains 3 carefully selected ingredients cultivated from the core of the hair, such as organic manuka honey that improves the moisture retention capacity inside the hair, and 3 types of protein that repair hair intensively from the core. The treatment delivers moisture to the interior of the hair, regulating moisture balance and repairing damage. It provides comprehensive care for hair damage, inhibits swelling, spread and dryness, and keeps hair moisturized from root to end. Scented with splashed honey.

After shampooing, gently remove moisture and apply an appropriate amount to the entire hair. Then rinse thoroughly. We recommend leaving it on for 2-3 minutes before rinsing. Since the treatment ingredients are thick and slightly high in viscosity, if the amount is small, the contents may be uneven. In this case, hold the container firmly and tap the side of the bottle several times.

日本HONEYQUE 蜂蜜深层修护护发素


洗发后,轻轻去除水分,取适量涂抹于整个头发。然后彻底冲洗。我们建议在冲洗前将其保持 2-3 分钟。由于治疗成分稠,粘度略高,如果量少,内容物可能会不均匀。在这种情况下,请牢牢握住容器并轻敲瓶子的侧面数次。


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