HONYARADOH Hot & Cool Neck Pillow


You can use throughout the year. It will heal your tired shoulders. Scented with lavender.

[Precautions for heating]

  •  Please wipe off the dirt inside the microwave oven and the part to put it well. If it is heated in a dirty condition, there is a danger of ignition. 
  • Do not heat with output exceeding 600 w. 
  • Do not leave the microwave oven while heating.
  • After heating, because the product is hot, please be careful enough for burns.
  • When using a turntable type microwave oven, be sure to check that the turntable is turning. Please never heat up when not turning.
  • Never do the following prohibited items. It may cause burns or microwave oven trouble. There is a danger of burns, ignition, and malfunction of the microwave oven.

[Caution in cooling]

  • Please never do the following prohibited items.
  • Cooling is not possible except for bead bags.
  • The bead bag absorbs the smell. Please cool down near non-sealed food. 
<Precautions for use> 
  • Approximate usage time is about 10 to 15 minutes for both hot and cold. It depends on the outside temperature and usage situation. 
  • If you feel unwell during use, feel unusual on your skin stop using and consult your doctor. In addition, this product is not intended for treatment. 
  •  If you are using physical handicapped person etc, please be careful about those around you. 
  • Please do not use infants, those who can not fully express their intention, those who are drunk, those who are sleeping. 
  • If you have blood circulation disorders due to diabetes etc. Also, if you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor before use. 
  • Please do not use on the skin abnormalities such as trauma, eczema, rash, rash, burns, burns due to sunburn, etc., heat generating parts, and mucous membranes.
  •  Be careful not to hit the surface with strong shocks, throwing, applying pressure, sharp knives, pointed objects, cigarette fire etc. 
  • You can not eat the beads inside. 

[When the following situation occurs, please discontinue use]

  • When abnormal smell occurs from the beads bag When the beads bag breaks and the contents pop out [When it does not warm up enough with the heating time of the display time]
  • Temperature When it is low, it may not be warmed by the heating of the display time depending on the performance of the microwave oven. 
  • If you feel insufficient warmth, heat up for 10 seconds each time, please adjust the temperature at 50 ℃ as a guide please use. 
  • When heating over the heating time, it may become partially hot. [Attention on storage] You can not wash the beads bag. If you are concerned about dirt 
  • please wipe lightly with a cloth moistened . [Cover can wash.] 
  • When washing, please wash gently with your hands, please arrange the shape and dry in a well-ventilated shade. 
  •  Please note that dark colors may be somewhat discolored. 
  •  Please note that dark colors may be transferred when rubbing in a wet condition. Please keep in a place out of reach of children
  • After use, please keep in a cool and airy place not exposed to direct sunlight . 
  •  measure of the time of replacement is, more or also to the use and storage situation
  • Sugayaku two years becomes a standard. 
  • When disposing of this product, please do according to the garbage separation method of each local government . 

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