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HOUSE OF ROSE Oh! Baby Moist Body Cream 玫瑰屋 Oh! Baby 桃子身体保湿乳 130ml


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HOUSE OF ROSE Oh! Baby Moist Body Cream

"Body Smoother" , nicknamed "Oh! Baby" for smooth and purun "Ubu-like skin", has added body care and skin care to its lineup, making its long-awaited series debut! Based on keratin soft care, it is easy to clean with a'good feeling prescription at body temperature'. It melts, is easy to get used to, adheres to, and develops color. While enjoying daily care, we will deliver smooth, purun "Oh!" Impressive care.

A body cream that melts and blends lightly from the moment it is applied to the skin. Peach butter (moisturizing ingredient), which gradually delivers beauty ingredients to the skin, softens the skin and keeps it moisturized for a long time. Contains baby peach ceramide, an original ingredient that leads to moisturized skin with a lively impression, and hot spring water (moisturizing ingredient) from Yufuin, Oita Prefecture, which contains minerals. It raises the moisturizing barrier and leads to firm and bouncy skin.

A gentle baby peach scent that combines the refreshing acidity of freshly picked baby peach with a juicy and mellow fruit.

How to Use

Take an appropriate amount and apply it to your skin.

 玫瑰屋 Oh! Baby 桃子身体保湿乳

被昵称为“Oh! Baby”的“Body Smoother”,因“Ubu-like skin”而被昵称为“Oh! Baby”,在成分中加入了身体护理和肌肤护理成分,期待已久的系列登场!以角蛋白柔软护理为基础,以“体温良好的感觉处方”易于清洁。它会融化、易于适应、粘附并显色。在享受日常护理的同时,我们将提供顺畅的“哦!”令人印象深刻的护理。

一种身体霜,从涂抹在皮肤上的那一刻起,就会轻轻融化并混合。 蜜桃酱(保湿成分)逐渐向肌肤输送美容成分,软化肌肤,长时间保持滋润。 含有赋予肌肤活力润泽感的独创成分蜜桃神经酰胺和含有矿物质的大分县由布院温泉水(保湿成分)。 它提高了保湿屏障,使皮肤紧致有弹性。




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