Ideal For Men

Ideal For Men Cica All In One Fluid Set (150ml + 50ml gift) 韩国 Ideal For Men 男士積雪草多效合一乳液套装 (150ml+50ml赠送)


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Ideal For Men Cica All In One Fluid Set 

Men's own ideal cica formulation

Calming effect level up!

Contains centella asiatica water that is effective in soothing the skin and Houttuynia cordata that densely fills the skin!

Centella asiatica leaf extract content UP! 19%

BIO WATER-skin moisture balance care

CICA COMPLEX-Soothing active ingredients such as centella asiatica extract

HEART LEAF-dry skin moisture, soothing

Just one is enough for your skincare! Sensitive men's skin trouble solutions, all included here

46% skin oil/ sebum reduction after 4 weeks of using Cica All-in-One Fluid

21% blackhead reduction after 4 weeks of using Cica All-in-One Fluid

King of Sensitivity

  • Acne skin suitable 
  • Moisture and fresh moisture, non-sticky fluid formula
  • Perfect for male skin troubles
  • Effective method that enhances skin transmission
  • Low irritation formula 

How to Use

After cleansing and shaving, evenly apply a small amount and lightly pat into skin.

*Made in Korea

韩国 Ideal For Men 男士積雪草多效合一乳液套装




积雪草叶提取物含量UP! 19%

BIO WATER-肌肤水分平衡护理

CICA COMPLEX-积雪草提取物等舒缓活性成分

HEART LEAF-干燥肌肤补水、舒缓

肌肤护理一瓶就够了! 男士敏感肌肤问题的解决方案

使用積雪草多效合一乳液 4 周后皮肤油脂/皮脂减少 46%

使用積雪草多效合一乳液 4 周后黑头减少 21%


  • 适合痘痘肌
  • 滋润清新滋润不黏腻的液体配方
  • 完美解决男性皮肤问题
  • 增强皮肤传导的有效方法
  • 低刺激配方





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