Ikemoto DU-BOA Straight Styling Brush 1pc 池本 保湿直发折叠造型夹梳


- Since the sheet attached to the brush part contains silicone, it makes the hair straight and smooth every time you comb it.

- The sheet is impregnated with silicone containing a glossing agent and split coat agent. When using, place the sheet side up so that it sticks to the surface of the hair.

- Easy hair scooping with one hand
The hair bundle can be easily scooped and pinched with one hand.

- The wind escapes
The hot air of the dryer from the outside efficiently escapes to the inside of the hair by the air vent holes on both sides and the center of the brush part, so the hair dries quickly, prevents the damage of the hair when blowing, and firmly stretches the hair I can do it.

- Unscented

- For those who have hair color straight perm

- Silicone impregnated sheet lasts about one and a half years with normal use.

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