IMJU DEJAVU Fiberwig Ultra Long Mascara 2, Natural Brown 黛佳碧 放肆惊艳纤长睫毛膏 (自然棕)


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The length is dramatic and 360° clean!

Plenty of fibers continue to connect to the tip of the eyelashes, and the longer you apply it, the longer you apply! The smooth film liquid coats the eyelashes with the fibers, so no matter how many times you apply it, it will be smooth and glossy. For a beautiful finish as if your eyelashes were stretched. Because it's a film type, it doesn't become a panda all day long, but when dropping it, it's turned off with hot water. Contains beauty ingredients (moisturizing).

Color: Dark and clear, but with a gentle impression <Natural brown>

デジャヴュ ファイバーウィッグ ウルトラロングE 2


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