IMJU DEJAVU Tiny Sniper Mascara, Black 黛佳碧 短细睫毛专用睫毛膏 (黑)


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  • It is a false eyelash (mascara) that you apply from the time you apply it until you turn it off.
  • By increasing the amount of beauty ingredients that have moisturizing effects and film-coating each eyelash one by one, it closes the cuticles of the eyelashes that have spread due to damage, preventing transpiration of moisture.
  • Soft fibers and micro brushes catch thin eyelashes such as the outer corners of the eyes, inner corners of the eyes, and lower eyelashes, and short eyelashes without missing them, creating a sophisticated big eye area.
  • It keeps your eyes clean all day long by repelling sebum, sweat and tears. 

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