Eye Putti

Imju Eye Putti Double Eyelid Glue


A new method to double eye lids. Suitable for all skin types. How to Use: Use the liquid glue to get your double eye lids. It gives a natural eye lid look even when you closed your eyes.


Other features: 


  • It contains chamomile extract, which moisturizes the skin around your eye area.
  • This glue is resistant to water, sebum and sweat.
  • Quick-drying and it's ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive.


How to use: 

  • Use cotton pad lightly cleanse the upper eyelid to remove excess sebum or dirt.
  • Close your eye, use glue to create a thin layer of 4-5 mm wide of a oval shape on the middle eyelid.
  • Avoid uneven applications.
  • Wait 2 mins, when glue becomes almost transparent, use fork applicator lightly push eyelid upwards and slowly open your eye.
  • Bigger, rounder and deeper eyes that makes you look more awake and beautiful.



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