IOPE The Vitamin C23 Ampoule 艾诺碧 维C23精纯浓缩精华液 23g


IOPE The Vitamin C23 Ampoule

An intense anti-aging ampoule that presents noticeable glow by removing freckles, blemishes, and lifting with pure vitamin C 23%

1. 23% of pure vitamin C, high-strength anti-aging begins!

- It provides elasticity and striking skin radiance & brightening effect that can be applied at once, as if receiving professional skin care.

2. Antioxidant synergy care (with vitamin C, vitamin E, and proretinol)

- Anti-oxidant care of multi-vitamins, gives healthy skin vitality with firm elasticity and texture lifting effect

3. Jang Young-Shil Award, Highly Functional Whitening Cosmetic IR52

- AMOREPACIFIC's vitamin research started in the 90s, has successfully stabilized high content of pure vitamin C

4. Dual VitaC Formula ™ proprietary patented formulation

- Forms a firm and healthy skin moisturizing film as it wraps around the loosened skin

How to use


- Apply 3 drops each to cheek cheekbones.


- Apply by rolling motion along the texture of the skin in the order of cheek → forehead → chin (neck).


- Please take care of the elasticity of the skin with the C-Curl lift operation around the C zone where elasticity collapse is noticeable.


- Use your fingers to check if the ampoule has changed firmly. If the contents have changed sharply, apply the next step of the skincare product from inside to outside.

艾诺碧 维C23精纯浓缩精华液

临床测试证明,IOPE艾诺碧 维C精纯浓缩精华液 使用4周后可以提升脸部线条、淡化法令纹、淡化眼袋细纹、细嫩肌肤、紧致下颌线、淡化黄褐斑疤痕等,可以作为对抗初老的选择。爱茉莉太平洋集团通过对维生素21年的研究,将23%浓度的维生素C加入了这款安瓶精华,这也是维生素C被肌肤吸收的最佳浓度。产品中添加的维生素C、维生素E、泛酰醇等成分,可以为肌肤带来综合提升。专利的Dual Vita C Formula质地,可以让产品在肌肤上形成一层紧密、健康的保护膜。



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