Ipsa 茵芙莎

IPSA Makeup Finishing Mist 58ml 茵芙莎 持妆保湿喷雾

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By spraying at the end of make-up, it is a mist that prevents not only sweat and sebum, but also makeup breakage due to contact and rubbing, and even adhesion to clothes and masks.

Two types of coating agents included in the original "Soft Mesh Veil Formulation" form a uniform veil on the skin. Firmly adheres the foundation to the skin and prevents the foundation from floating, twisting, and peeling.

In addition, the porous powder adsorbs sebum over time, prevents shine and stickiness, and maintains a smooth and comfortable finish.

It not only keeps the finish of the morning make-up beautiful, but also responds to women who are particular about the beauty of details that prevent the surrounding items from getting dirty.

Contents: 58mL

独特轻盈定妆薄膜技术(Soft Mesh Veil Formula),于肌肤上形成一层均匀的薄膜,抵御因物理因素(如摩擦)而造成的脱色或脱粉问题


配合多孔控油粉末粒子(Porous Powder),加强预防因皮脂及汗水而出现的溶妆或脱妆



  1. 使用前先摇匀,于早上化妆最后步骤,离开面部约20cm,轻闭双眼,喷3-4下

  2. 可于补妆时使用 


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