Ipsa 茵芙莎

Ipsa Metabolizer Superior 2 (175ml) 茵芙莎 自律循环美肌液


ÍPSA takes its name from the Latin word ipse, meaning independence and self-assuredness. Promising to highlight the individuality of each person's skin, the brand employs the IPSALYZER Skin Diagnosis, which provides accurate data on skin’s moisture retention, sebum secretion and translucence. Through advanced technology, ÍPSA has developed a customized beauty formula for every specific need. ÍPSA's 100% made-in-Japan skin care and makeup products promise to enhance the base of beauty: the skin.

An ME that allows you to choose the perfect one for each individual's bare skin type, which is categorized based on the innate skin quality that has been born and the acquired skin condition that has accumulated in the environment in which it has been spent. A unique moisturizing ingredient, Algermina EX, leads to a transparent and sticky skin feel.

  • A skin lotion that gives skin firmness and bouncy, and leads to dense, moist skin. ME Superior e 1 is recommended for skin that has started to feel a change in skin condition, such as freshness, overall greasy luster, and reduction in firmness. The beauty ingredients penetrate firmly to every corner of the skin (the stratum corneum) and work slowly and slowly to support the skin's natural power.

Superior 1: Oily and lustrous skin

Superior 2: Dewy and smooth skin

How to use: 

  • ME is suitable for use with one push of 3 dispensers. It penetrates beauty ingredients more effectively into the stratum corneum and leads to moist and soft skin.
  • 2 times in the morning and evening for 6 weeks
  • The content of one bottle is about 6 weeks, according to the cycle of skin reincarnation. A mechanism that reduces one scale on the side of the container by using three pushes twice a day in the morning and evening. By knowing the period of use, it is easy to check according to the condition of the skin and look forward to care.
  • With cotton, it evenly blends into the skin
  • The use of cotton is essential for increasing the penetration of ME. Even with the same amount used, there is a big difference in skin familiarity between using cotton and the palm. If you use cotton, you can evenly spread the texture.




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