Ipsa 茵芙莎

IPSA Silk Cotton (120pcs) 丝柔化妆棉120片天然无漂白柔软厚密


This high-quality cotton pad can surely deliver active ingredients for skincare and enhance their effects.
By blending in a high-grade silk that is soft to the skin, this cotton pad is difficult to fluff, provides smooth texture and remove dead corneocytes using the blended silk to smoothen the skin surface.

IPSA was born in 1987 as a brand that brings out the potential beauty of each person. Ipsa thinks that “the power to be beautiful is in the person itself” and aims to bring out the power to be beautiful that the vitality has. IPSA has no pre-determined beauty method. We will create a recipe with you that will be beautiful for you, tailored to your skin taste and personality.

  • A tool that focuses on materials and ease of use in order to make everyday makeup more complete.
  • Since it contains silk, it feels smooth on the skin.
  • Combining with cushioned cotton, it achieves high absorption and release, allowing the effective ingredients to spread through the skin.


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