IRIS healthcare Be-Fit Beauty Fit Mask M #Ashpink 7pcs 日本爱丽思美颜口罩 M 橘粉色 7枚


Product Feature:

This nonwoven mask has a three-dimensional pleated structure with a small face cut shape that makes the face line look neat, and a 3D wire that leads to a clean impression on the front and profile.The small face cut shape reduces swelling around the cheek and makes the front look neat, and the profile has a new pleated structure that gives a sharp impression.It is a spring-like color that combines unity and glamour with a gentle nuance color.It can be worn in combination with coordination as part of fashion.The ear strap is the same color as the mask, and it is finished with a sense of unity.By adopting a soft, wide ear strap, you can stay comfortable all day without hurting your ears even if you wear it for a long time.We use a filter that cuts 99% of pollen, virus droplets, bacterial droplets, fine dust, etc.V-cutting on both sides reduces gap between cheeks and fits perfectly for a long time.

𝘔𝘦𝘥𝘪𝘶𝘮:16. 5cm x 9cm




  • 双压条设计让呼吸更舒适
  • 特殊V型剪裁,显瘦外也能更服贴阻绝脏空气
  • 三层防护,有效阻隔感染源,阻隔PM2.5
  • 弹性耳挂,柔软舒适
  • 质感独立包装

M码:16. 5厘米 x 9厘米



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