Ishihara Beautist Make Up Puff For Powder Foundation Round 1pc 日本石原商店 美丽肌高密度干湿两用粉扑 1个入 BT-3501

  • This Ishihara puff is rounded, beveled and angled for various surfaces to fit your face. The puff is thick and flexible. Manufactured with squalane, this high density puff feels moist to the touch and makes for beautiful makeup application.
  • 2way:May be used wet or dry. 
  • 这款Ishihara粉扑采用圆形,斜面和角度设计,适合各种表面,适合您的脸型。 粉扑厚而有弹性。 这款高密度泡芙采用角鲨烷制成,触感润泽,使妆容美观。
  • 干湿两用

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