Ishihara SBR MAKE UP PUFF 3types 30pcs 日本石原商店SBR 多边形粉扑/化妆海绵 干湿两用 30个入

  • Soft, elastic, easy to apply and easy to carry.
  • Ishihara store is a very popular puff manufacturer in Japan and is the first choice for professionals.
  • Suitable for general makeup liquid foundation, foundation cream, foundation cream, strip foundation, blush, concealer and so on.
  • Antibacterial treatment, easy to clean and preserve.
  • Dry: Lightly press the powder to get a proper amount of powder makeup, and gradually push it on the skin.
    Wet: Use the sponge to absorb enough water and wring it out. After use or before storage, please make sure the water is fully dry.
  • Usage: Triangle: around the nose / pentagon: around the eye / diamond: around the mouth
  • 质地柔软 ,富有弹性,轻松上妆且携带方便。
  • 石原商店是日本非常有口碑的粉扑专门制造公司,是专业人员的首选。
  • 适用一般化妆用粉底液,粉底膏,粉底霜,条状粉底  ,腮红,遮瑕膏等。
  • 抗菌处理,易于清洁及保存。
  • 干用:轻按粉饼以沾取适量粉妆,在肌肤上渐渐推展开.

  • 用法:三角形:鼻子周围/五角形:眼部周围/菱形:嘴部周围Image result for 4971381321403


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