Ishizawa Lab 石泽研究所

Ishizawa Lab Eyetool Lashes Remover


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  • Refreshing scent of green apple
  • Removes any remaining glue or makeup from false eyelashes (eyelash cleaning solution) 
  • Allows you to reuse fake eyelashes
  • Includes a small and round fake eyelash case


How to use:

  • Remove residual glue and makeup from false eyelashes. Let your beloved false eyelashes be reused.
  • Use about one teaspoon (5mL) at a time for 20 times, and the green apple is refreshing.
  • After peeling off the false eyelashes, soak them in the container for one night (about 5~10 hours).
  • After the warm water is gently cleaned, clean it and dry it with toilet paper to make it dry naturally.

※ Cannot be used for makeup removal and direct contact with skin and mucous membranes.


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