Ishizawa Lab 石泽研究所

ISHIZAWA LAB KEANA Rice Pack 170g 石泽研究所 毛穴抚子 涂抹式大米面膜


Recommended for the rough skin with bumpy pores due to lack of moisture.

“KEANA NADESHIKO rice (*) skin care” is 100% domestically produced rice-derived skin care serum which acts against dry porous skin.
Face pack to condition the skin texture to be smooth
The texture of the rough skin with less moisture is uneven.
If leave it, the skin will lose clearness and will become dull with visible pores… One application of the pure white pack like freshly steamed rice on those pores...
After washing off, instantly bright!
The skin will be clear and flat with smooth texture.

How to use:

After washing face, spread a generous amount of the pack on lightly dried face avoiding eye area. Leave it for about 5 mins and thoroughly rinse off.



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