Itmi Itme Spray Serum 精華喷雾 100ml [2 Types]


ITMI ITME is a brand of COCNCO, which has accumulated decades of skin care experience, persevering in pursuit of innovation, and love for the beauty of the skin, so that the skin will remain youthful. ITMI ITME brings the most beautiful care to restore the skin to its most beautiful state.

Every product of ITMI ITME is derived from the careful development of skin experts. For the various problems caused by the skin, we constantly propose corresponding solutions.


Solution for: 

Skin drying



Eggplant Spray Serum (CALMING): 

  • Hydrates your skin. Gives your skin a soft and moist feeling. Rich moisturizing power and soothing effects. Protects skin from external enviroment and balances the oil and moisture. Eggplant scented. 


Lemon Spray Serum (NOURISHING): 

  • Hydrates the skin. Blooms like a haze, gives a soft and moist feeling. Packed with rich moisture and nutritional ingredients. Protects the skin from external environment and make skin feel elastic. Lemon scented. 


How to Use:

  • Shake the product before use. After washing or before or after makeup, close your eyes and spray 4-5 times evenly on your face. It gently absorbs. 

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