ITO Cleansing Face Towel Box 25Sheets 日本ITO 盒装绵柔一次性洁面巾


A soft, disposable towel made of natural materials that is gentle on your skin. It is very clean because it is sterilized. As it has been subjected to uneven processing, it removes dirt from the skin. Easy to use because it is perforated for ease of use.


  • Please use it for skin care such as cleansing and wiping. It can also be used for makeup removers, nail polish removers, putting and cotton packs
  • Cut off the necessary amount from the main unit and wipe off the water after washing your face. For skin care, soak in hot or cold water and squeeze. In case of makeup removal, gently wipe off with makeup remover that you usually use.
  • 25sheets


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